Title (with clickable link) Speaker - Last Name Speaker - First Name Keyword Date of Presentation
Diagnosis and Management of Obstructive Sleep Apnea Smith, M.D. Kyle Sleep Apnea 1/14/15
If This is Direct Primary Care, Then What Have I Been Doing All These Years? Chavey, M.D., M.S. William Primary Care 11/12/14
Oral Steroids and Their Effects Saif, D.O. Belsam Steroids 11/12/14
IBS: Guidelines and Updates Heidelbaugh, M.D. Joel IBS 11/12/14
First Trimester Pregnancy Loss Kaplan, M.D. Julie Prenatal Care-OB 10/8/14
Family physicians as leaders: A journey of self-reflection Schwenk, M.D. Thomas Leadership 10/8/14
Global Health Interventions: Best (and Worst) Practices Lemler, M.D. Katherine Global Health 8/13/14
PCMH Outcomes Harmes, M.D. Kathryn PCMH 8/13/14
What Goes on Behind That Closed Door? How to Provide Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for Depression Aikens, Ph.D. James Depression 8/13/14
Guideline for the Evaluation and Management of Chronic Kidney Disease Jimbo, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H. Masahito Chronic Disease Management 7/23/14
There and Back Again: A Fulbright in the UK Warber, M.D. Sara Faculty Activity 7/23/14
Huh? The Role of Health Communication in Health Care McKee, M.D., M.P.H. Michael Health Communication 7/23/14
Prenatal Care Guidelines Greenberg, M.D., M.H.S.A., M.A. Grant Prenatal Care-OB 7/9/14
Prenatal Care Guidelines Bailey, Ph.D. Joanne Motino Prenatal Care-OB 7/9/14
It Sometimes Ain't What You Think It Is (aka Unconscious Bias) Zazove, M.D., M.M. Philip Health Communication 7/9/14
Review of Alternatives to Coumadin for Anticoagulation Afzal, M.D. Yasir Anticoagulation 6/11/14
Cervical Cancer Screening Education in Ethiopia: Challenges and Opportunities Gossa, M.D. Weyinshet Women's Health 6/11/14
Coaxing the Creative Voice: Unmasking Empathy, Compassion, and Human Connection in Medicine Levinsohn, M.D. Susan Health Communication 6/11/14
Perinatal Mood Disorders: How Can We Support Our Moms and Babies? Kotagal, M.D. Lindsey Prenatal Care-OB 4/23/14
Respiratory Disorders in Athletes Nisonger, M.D. Christina Sports Medicine 4/23/14
Rhabdomyolysis and Sickle Cell Trait Ray, M.D. Kristi Sports Medicine 4/23/14
Endometrial Cancer: Prevention and Diagnosis Ursu, M.D. Allison Cancer 4/9/14
Advance Care Planning Petersen, M.D. Ketti Palliative Care 4/9/14
Caring for the Worried Well Schacht, M.D. Kaeturah Primary Care 4/9/14
Stress and Health Ott, M.D. Annelie Primary Care 3/12/14
Adolescent Confidentiality: When Ignorance is Not Bliss Riley, M.D. Margaret Adolescent Health 3/12/14
Adolescent Confidentiality: When Ignorance is Not Bliss Ahmed, M.D. Sana Adolescent Health 3/12/14
Adolescent Confidentiality: When Ignorance is Not Bliss Quint, M.D. Elizabeth Adolescent Health 3/12/14
Evaluation of Chest Pain Tobin, M.D. Kenneth Cardiac Health 3/12/14
Telemedicine in Primary Care Rao, M.D. Ravishankar Primary Care 2/12/14
Helping Patients Make More Informed Decision About CPR Ebell, M.D. Mark CPR 2/12/14
Pre-Participation Cardiovascular Screening Denay, M.D. Keri Cardiac Health 1/22/14
Choosing the "Right" Diagnostic Screening Housner, M.D. Jeffrey Diagnostic Screening 1/22/14
The Diabetic Foot Holmes, M.D. Crystal Diabetes 12/11/13
UMMS Curriculuar Transformation Mangrulkar, M.D. Rajesh Medical School Curriculum 12/11/13
Nutrition: From Our Patients' Perspective Laurie, M.D. Anna Nutrition 12/10/14
Delivering Bad News Sheets, M.D. Kent Health Communication 12/10/14
Updates in Hypertension Guidelines Jimbo, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H. Masahito Hypertension 12/10/14
Hepatitis C: Novel Approaches to Treatment Wissocki, M.D. Jenna Hepatitus 3/12/15
The Role of Family Physicians After the March 11, 2011 Tsunami Disaster in Japan Ishibashi, M.S. Yukishige Disaster Relief 3/12/15
Obesity: Fact and Fiction Choxi, M.D. Hetal H. Obesity 4/8/15
Definitive Management of Pleural Effusions Reddy, M.D. Rishindra M. Surgery 4/8/15
Lipid Management Guidelines Fenske, M.D. Jill Lipids 4/22/15
Community Coalitions and Collaborations to Improve Health Outcomes Rosenthal, M.D. Michael P. Community 4/22/15
Foot & Ankle Injuries Phillips, M.D., MBA Kylee Sports Medicine 6/10/15
Management of Tendinopathy Rao, M.D. Ravi Sports Medicine 6/10/15
Medical Marijuana Shull, M.D. Trevor Pain Management 6/10/15
Tick-Borne Illnesses Rodgers, M.D. Phillip Disease 8/12/15
Comprehensive and Integrative Approach to Insomnia Schumer, M.D. Gregory Insomnia 8/12/15
2015 CDC STD Guidelines Apgar, M.D. Barbara STDs 8/12/15
Identification of Autism Spectrum Disorders Shah, M.D. Prachi Autism 7/8/15
Eye Care for the Primary Care Physician Cunningham, M.D. Andrew Eye Care 7/8/15
Gastrointestinal Health: The Microbiome and Beyond Locke, M.D. Amy Gastrointestinal 7/8/15
Integrative Approach to Aging Gracefully Falzon, M.D., MBA Charles Aging 7/22/15
Breast Density Legislation McGovern, M.D. Heather Cancer, Screening 9/23/15
Working Effectively with Interpreters Rew, M.D. Karl Patient Interaction 9/23/15
Lung Cancer Screening Arenberg, M.D. Douglas Cancer 9/23/15
Umbilical Cord Blood Banking Van Drunen, M.D. Katie Birth, OB 10/14/15
Cholesterol, Coronary Artery Disaese, and Statins Schwenk, M.D. Thomas Heart, Coronary 10/14/15
Health Care in America Green, M.D. MPH Lee Health System 10/14/15
Preconception Planning Kalapurayil, MD MPH Priya Conception 11/11/15
Physical Activity in the Assessment and Management of COPD Moy, MD MSc Marilyn COPD, Asthma 11/11/15
Optimizing Asthma Management Riley, MD FAAFP Maggie Asthma 11/11/15
Oral Health in Primary Care Wang, MD MS Angie Oral Health 12/9/15
Demystifying Medical Malpractice Litigation Hebert, JD Dale Legal 12/9/15
African Family Medicine: The State of the Speciality McLaughlin, MD Eric Family Medicine 12/9/15
Lactation: Foundations, supplementation, and undersupply Shah, M.D. Niyati Family Medicine 1/13/16
Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Chargot, M.D. Jane Cancer 2/10/16
Learning MUSIC for Prostate Cancer Montie Jim Cancer 2/10/16
Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for the Prevention of HIV Infection Heinrich, M.D. Laura HIV 3/9/16
Hyperbilirubinemia in the Newborn Schumacher, M.D. Robert Birth 3/9/16
Primary Care Redesign: One Institution's Journey Gilchrist, M.D. Valerie Administration 3/9/16
Primary Care of of Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Patients Prussack, M.D. Julie Gender Identity 3/23/16
Improving Family Planning for Women with Chronic Conditions: Tackling the Messy Middle Wu, M.D. MPH Justine Contraception 3/23/16
Stop 'Em When You Got 'Em: How to Help Your Patients Quit Smoking Gross, M.D. Marisa Smoking 3/23/16
Hypertension Update: How Low Should You Go Lee, MD Lydia Hypertension 4/14/16
Integrative Options in the Treatment of Hypertension Hughes, MD Ann Hypertension, Integrative Medicine 4/13/16
Existential Suffering/: But What Does It Mean? Grech, MD Tony End of Life, Psychology 4/13/16
Prescribing Braces in the Primary Care Office Quade, MD J. Lindsay Sports Medicine 6/8/16
The Female Athlete Triad Kreykes, MD Amy J. Sports Medicine 6/8/16
Management of Perimenopausal Symptoms Cece, MD Kristine L. Menopause 6/8/16
Physcian Health Programs and Outcomes Brower, MD Kirk J. Physcian Health 6/22/16
Addiction Denial & Recovery Smith, M.D. Joshua Addiction 6/22/16
A Gut Feeling: the Microbiome Role in Obesity and Diabetes Harrison, M.D. Jacqueline Microbiome 7/13/16
Sleep Disturbances in Older Age: What Lies Beneath? Avidan, M.D. Alon Sleep 7/13/16
Hey Doc, I Can't See! Opthamology 101 for Primary Care Physcicians Somers Weizer, M.D. Jennifer Opthamology 8/10/16
Treatin' Heart Failure with Drugs Y'Ain't Even Heard Of! Chavey, M.D., M.S. William Cardiac Health 8/10/16
Transition: Leaving your Patients Behind Ruffin, M.D. Mack Transition, Retiring 8/10/16
Bariatric Surgery-Recommendations for Primary Care Physcians Kittle, M.D. Matthew Obesity Surgery 11/9/16
The Science of Motivation in Medicine, Education, & Beyond Pink Daniel Motivation Education 11/9/16
Public Health Communicable Disease Report: 2015/16 Summary Hayward, MPH Alexandra Epidemeology 11/23/16
Physcian mental health & suicide: stigma, stress, and licensing as barriers to care Gold, MD MSW MS Katherine J. Physcian Health 11/23/16
Pre-History of the Department of Family Medicine: What Happened Around Here Before 1978? Sheets, PhD Kent J. History 11/23/16
Zika Virus Disease: from Uganda to the Americas Shuman, MD Emily K. Infectious Diseases 12/14/16
Exploring Everyday Bias in Academic Medicine Chastang, MSW LaRonda Bias 12/14/16
The Elderly Driver Othman, MD Amal Opthamology 12/14/16
Diagnosis and Management of Adult ADHD Oldfield, MD Justin ADHD 3/8/17
Peripheral Edema Review Policht, MD Tyler Edema 3/8/17
Colorectal Cancer Screenings for Primary Care Clinicians Jimbo, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H. Masahito Cancer, Screening 3/8/17
Maternity Care in Ghana Phipps, M.D. Debbie Maternity, travel 4/12/17
Heart Rate Variability: Using Biofeedback in Clinical Practice Shumer, M.D. Gregory Biofeedback, Cardiology 4/12/17
Vaginitis: Is the wet prep out of the building? Apgar, M.D., M.S. Barbara Vaginitis 4/12/17
Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Palliative and Hospice Care in the U.S. Tellez, MD Timothy Race Palliative 7/12/17
Current Research and Therapeutic Strategies for the Treatment and Prevention of AlzheimerÉs Disease Dementia Aggarwal, MD Neelum Alzheimers Dementia 7/12/17
Osteoporosis: Who should be treated and the latest guideline on treatment Kim, MD Susan Osteoporosis, Aging 8/9/17
Obesity: Past, Present, & Future Kraftson, MD Andrew T. Obesity Surgery 8/9/17
Extreme Exercise and Cardiovascular Health: Changing Paradigms and Perceptions Franklin, PhD Barry A. Cardiac Health 8/9/17
Finding New Ways to Prevent and Alleviate Poverty Shaefer Luke Poverty 8/23/17
The PSA Controversy: Primary Care Perspective Heidelbaugh, M.D. Joel Prostate 8/23/17
NAFLD Benedikt, M.D. Monica Liver, NAFLD 11/8/17
Regenerative Medicine Martin, M.D. Erica Sports Medicine 11/8/17
Academic Flobal Health Ethics Johnson, M.D. Timothy Ethics 11/8/17
2017 Child and Adult Immunization Update Rockwell, D.O. Pamela Immunizations 11/22/17
Sinus Diagnosis Pnnonen, M.D. Melissa Sinus 11/22/17
Immunization Case Discussions Rockwell, D.O. Pamela Immunizations 11/22/17
Integrating Transgender Health Care Into Your Practice Randolph, M.D. John Transgender 12/13/17
Imbalanced: A Possible Antidote to the Confusing, Circular Nature of Falls Research Richardson, M.D. James Aging, Falls 12/13/17
Prescribing Mediciations for Anxiety and Depression Warnick, M.D. Stephen Depression, Mediciation 12/13/17
New HyperTension Guidelines Again! Belakovskiy, M.D. Alex Hypertension 1/10/18
Opiod Addiction and Overdose is a Public Health Crisis in Washtenaw County Waller, MPH Adreanne Opioids, Addiction 1/24/18
University of Michigan Treatment Services Ilgen, Ph.D Mark Addiction, Treatment 1/24/18
Opioid Maintenance Treatment Jouney, DO, MS Edward A. Opioids, Addiction 1/24/18
Adolescent Substance Use Disorders: Opiod Use Quigley, MA, FAAP Joanna Opioids, Adolescents 1/24/18
Menopause Management: Hormone Therapy Morrison, MD Leigh Menopause, Hormone 3/14/18
Depression Screening in Pregnancy: Improving the Process Phipps, M.D. Debbie Depression, Pregnancy 3/14/18
Prescribing Mediciations for Anxiety and Depression (Without Feeling Anxious and Depressed) Part 2 Warnick, M.D. Stephen Anxiety, Depression 3/14/18
Primary Care Management of Alcohol Use Disorder Schrock, M.D. David Alcohol, Addiction 5/9/18
Family Medicine Residency and Medical Student Education in the Era of Accountability Baird, M.D, M.S. Macaran Education 5/9/18
Primary Care for Patients with HIV McEvoy, M.D. Anna HIV 5/23/18
Voluntary Stopping of Eating and Drinking: Ethical Analysis and Clinical Approach Chargot, M.D. Jane End of Life, Elder Care 5/23/18
Teaching (and Learning) Medical Ethics Rew, M.D. Karl Ethics 5/23/18
Long Term PPI Use Queen, M.D. Kaila PPI, gastro 6/13/18
Five Primary Care Sports Medicine Cases: to refer or not to refer? Rubin M.D. Sander Sports Medicine 6/13/18
Hey Doc, Why is My Leg Numb? Lower Extremity Peripheral Nerve Injuries in Athletes Lewno, D.O. Adam Sports Medicine 6/13/18
What the Heck is Fortnite? Pacl, MD Kristin Social Media, Gaming 8/8/18
Maximizing Your Cognitive, Physcial, and Emotional Health to Promote Positive Aging Kales, M.D. Helen C. Aging 8/8/18
#MyHeathTech Tam, M.D. Anthony Technology 10/10/18
Relearning Medicine: 3 Adaptations for Global Health McLaughlin, MD Eric Global Health 10/10/18
Fad Diets for Weight Loss Moon, MD Abbey Weight Loss 12/12/18
Pneumonia and Antibiotic Use: Why Less is More Vaughn, MD, MSc Valerie Antibiotics 12/12/18
Tick-Borne Illness: What a Primary Care Physcian Needs to Know Gregg, MD Kevin Disease, Ticks 12/12/18
Acute Delirium In The Elderly Diaz, MD Camila Elder Care 1/9/19
Caring for Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Patients Blaszczak, MD Julie Transgender, Sexual Health 1/23/19
Human Trafficking Medaugh, MD Christine Human Trafficking 1/23/19
Primary Care of African American Women Parker-Featherstone, MD Ebony African American Health 1/23/19